Early Access

Security Sidekick is currently in alpha, and the product is under active development to make it perfect; that is where you come in. We are looking for 10 companies who are willing to spend up to 6 months with us, helping to ensure we have all the finishing touches before we bring Security Sidekick to the wider market.

In order to qualify for our program you must meet the following requirements:

  • To have a software development team that builds custom applications.
  • To have one person responsible for interacting with our team, who has one hour per week to meet with us in order to provide constructive feedback which will help shape the future of our product. This person should have at least a basic understanding of the company’s network and general understanding of the software the company is building. These meetings will be done virtually.
  • Willing and able to pay the program fee.
  • To have the power and authority to install our product on your network.
  • To have an understanding of your organization and able to connect us with those required to make progress and get the most value from our product. 

In return we will provide you:

  • Unlimited use and updates for our enterprise application security and inventory tool, for the duration of the Early Access Program.
  • One hour of our time per week to listen to your feedback, in order to help make our product better every single week.
  • Timely support for product issues or bugs you discover.
  • An optional monthly meeting for Early Access Program customers to be able to discuss their experiences openly and candidly, for the benefit of all.
  • Preferential pricing and availability for all of our products. 

If you do not qualify or get accepted to the Early Access Program, do not fret! You can sign up for our newsletter to receive the following:

  • Links to free educational content on our YouTube channel and blog 
  • Public updates about our company and kick-ass products


If you would like to signal interest in our Early Access Program and learn more, please fill out the form below.